This is a running live record of the schools and events that I am at weekly including dates and times.  If you would like to be added to my schedule or have questions or comments please contact me at


My current plan is to be @ SAMS all day on Tues and on Thurs morning to support the MLTI program. I plan to spend M/W/F and Thursday Afternoons at specific elementary schools as scheduled.  I also have 30-45 mins of time every morning before school in my office at SAMS.

I am available for anything from helping to answering questions, to teaching a weekly tech class and most things in between. Since I work with six schools, my time is very limited so please contact me ahead of time or plan things as far in advance as you can.  Have a great year! 

(Please use the arrows at the top of the calendar to move between weeks of the month)

Weekly Schedule

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Contact Info:

207-474-3339 x 2147 or

Office Located @ Skowhegan Area Middle School

155 Academy Circle  Skowhegan, ME 04976

2nd Floor Across from Library

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